speed variator planetary gearbox



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UDL variable gearbox speed variator planetary gearbox

Type: UDL series Continuously Variable Transmission Motor
Model: UDL.B3
Color: Blue/Sliver or on customer request
Material: HT250
Input power: 0.18-7.5kw
Output torque: 1.5-118N.m
Input speed: 780-3000rpm
Output speed: 170-1000rpm
Bearing: C&U, NSK, SKF, or on the customer’s request
Seal: SKF,CTY,CFW or on customer’s request
Lubricant: Synthetic &Mineral
Warranty: 1Year



1. High precision: 0.5-1

2. Wide range of speed regulation; output speed ratio can be between 1/1.4 to 1/7

3. High strength and long service life

4. Convenient speed regulation

5. Continuous work, stable operation, stable performance, and low noise

6. Fully sealed, low environmental requirements

7, compact organization, small size.

8. Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, beautiful appearance, lightweight, no rust.

9. Good adaptability. UDL series CVT can be combined with variable speed reducer units to realize low-speed CVT.

Application field: It can be widely used in food, packaging, chemical industry, medicine, plastics, papermaking, machine tools, transportation, and various automatic production lines and conveyor lines that need speed regulation.