High Precision Gearbox Planetary Gear Reducer



VRB Series Description
The VRB is a less than 3 arcmin gearbox that offers a through-hole mounting design making it easier to assemble for a variety of equipment. This product is ideal for a variety of belt drive and actuator applications in the packaging and assembly cell automation market. A variety of standard washdown and food grade options are available, making the VRB an attractive option for the harshest environments. We offer the widest selection of frame sizes and ratios, and they work out of the box in most configurations. Industry-standard mounting dimensions allow VRBs to be used in traditional equipment designs.
Agknx Able servo planetary gear reducers are the perfect solution for servo motor applications such as packaging machines, gantry, injection molding machines, pick and place, and linear slides. If you have any questions or need more information about any of the products mentioned in these press releases, please do not hesitate to contact us.
VRB Series Features
1. The carburized helical gear adopts the exclusive secondary finishing process, which has higher precision and runs smoothly and quietly. 40%
Higher than industry standard tooth surface area
2. One-piece output shaft and planet carrier, with two bearings spanning the planet gears. Higher stiffness, torque capacity, and safety factor for gear centering 3 3. Cageless needle roller bearings provide excellent torque density and torsional stiffness. Bearing surface area increased by 43% compared to other industries.
4. Unique labyrinth input seal design greatly reduces heat and improves system efficiency. IP65 rated for washdown applications
5. Optimize the installation system and actively align the diameter of the motor guide rail to ensure that the motor is centered. Motors can be mounted in any orientation
6. True concentric motor shaft clamping connection, optimized for your specific situation
motor. Reduce inertia for dynamic performance and balance high-speed operation
7. The ring gear is directly processed into
Housing, is not soldered or pressed in. Provides greater concentricity and eliminates speed fluctuations
High Precision Shimpo Gearbox Surface Gearbox Planetary Gear Reducer VRB-115C-10-K3-28HA/HB22 Planetary Gear for Robot
Protection features